Today is about polish.

I watered my hair, painted my toenails white, and wore shoes that displayed them.

In keeping with a bad college habit, I arrived later than I intended to an event. By some miracle, I was still early. Two of my former professors reminded me to contact them for letters of recommendation when I can go to grad school. I talked to two of my peers who will be graduating with me.

I was inspired to work on some projects on which I’ve been procrastinating. It is good to be in the presence of people who believe in you. It is good to have people to prove right. It is good to have people who inspire you. Today, I experienced all these things. It was like my college journey was summarized in two hours of life.

So now I’m re-writing a poem while listening to Chargaux’s “The Earth is Flat” on repeat. My breaks are full of looking at Buzzfeed internships and writing blog posts, even though I’m sure that in three weeks I’ll be studying for teacher licensing exams somewhere in my parent’s house. My future is a long thing. I hope to live various roles and love them. I’ll teach. I’ll perform. I’ll continue to write. I’ll do the things I love and learn to love more things and fall a more in love with my God and myself.


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