Deep breath

I sent off an email to apply for my first job post-graduation.

It is a job that would help to prepare me for the profession I want to take up in the future and would allow me to help kids who are where I was not so many years ago. I’ve been a bit nervous because I really want this. However, I know that hesitating doesn’t propel people forward.

If I’m really the best person for the job, my waiting and missing the first opportunity to work would be a disservice to the people I’m serving, my future employer, and myself. If the worst thing that could happen is that I don’t get the job, not trying would assure the worst case scenario and trying makes better things possibilities.

I’ll take another deep breath and allow myself to hope for the best.


One thought on “Deep breath

  1. readefining says:

    as a junior in college, i will be in your position too and to be honest it scares me because i don’t quite know what i’m going to do with this major and whether i will be hired quickly. when i start to feel anxious i like to remind myself that God has a plan and it’s always the best plan. good luck to you!


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