morning thoughts 2/16

When you love someone for real, you express it in a way that they can receive it.

The fact that you like to give and receive love in the shape of a triangle doesn’t mean the other person does, too. They might need square love and be able to give you the triangle love you need.

This altered square peg in a round hole analogy might work for some and not others… and that’s what I’m saying: real love is personal and customized.

If I love God the way I love my mother, one of them would be uncomfortable. If you treat your current boyfriend, the way you treated your ex it could cause problems.

It’s not that your former experiences with love are to be completely discarded, but it’s important to remember that the one you love is special and needs to be loved a certain way. There is no point in giving love that the intended is unable to receive as such.


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