It’s so much easier said than done.

“If you have a problem and there’s someone who can help, let them,” I said. Immediately, I felt convicted. Why is this so much easier said than done?

Often times, when I feel deeply burdened this is why: I don’t think I can complete the task well enough all by myself, but I find myself conflicted about asking for help. On one hand, I want/need it, but, on the other hand, asking is acknowledging that there are things I lack and that I need other people. American society has a tendency to shade interdependence in negative connotations. Proper interdependence is not mutual enabling. It is more like a friendship where when one is having a bad time, does what they can’t for now and encourages them until they are able to handle it (or goes with them until they can do it alone) and the when the one who has assisted needs help, the one who received before provides.

According to Merriam-Webster,”inter-” means between or reciprocal. One of the meanings for the word “dependent” is “to rely on another for support” like a “dependent child.”


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