“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.”

— 1 Thessalonians 5:24

God will be faithful to carry me through. This belief is enables me to answer God’s call in spite of my fears. God who called me will be faithful and empower me to do the work He calls me to to well.

How does one put into words the peace that surpasses understanding and the hope that drives humanity to action? Really, hope acted on is faith, isn’t it?

How differently I live when I focus on the belief that God will keep his promise than when I wonder at the things I don’t yet see, or the obstacles that will inevitably arrive!

Today, I am in the same state I was four years ago, both physically and mentally. I am back in California, choosing to focus on God who is faithful as I attend summer classes and believe that what happens next will be great. I will go somewhere or do something that will be greater than yesterday’s circumstances would have predicted.

I will not allow myself to be hemmed in by the parts I don’t have yet. “It will all work out,” I will tell myself again and again– “It always does”– and I will believe it.

1qzxju (1)

Who would have seen me doing my summer work in community college and imagined that I would transfer to a four-year that winter, or that in the next three years I would travel to another country and graduate from my university early?

Who can imagine what God has planned next?


All photo credits are to my roommate (and friend) from my Korean summer program, Jess; my good friend, Sara; and myself.

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